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Ingersoll Qwik Twist Tap Drill/Chamfer Combo

In addition to standard applications, the revolutionary selfclamping Qwik•Twist provides an excellent opportunity to solve special drilling requirements.  Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with Ingersoll Cutting Tools would like to introduce this new tooling to save on machining time.

In order to better serve our customers performing these applications, we are now offering tap drills with “built-in” chamfer stations designed for 3/8” UNC to 7/8” UNF and M8 to M24 standard threaded holes.

There are two main applications for Tap hole drilling:

  1. Drilling BLIND holes:
    • Drilling with a 45° chamferblind_a
    • Drilling and counterboringblind_b
  2. Drilling THROUGH holes:
    • Drilling with a 45° chamferthrough_a
    • Drilling and counterboringthrough_b

drill_chamfer_combo_2The new Qwik•Twist Tap Drill/Combo Tools carry two standard chamfering inserts designated KOMT050104R Grade IN2005, symmetrically mounted, the cutting forces are balanced for optimal performance. This feature is essential in through hole application.

Counterboring may be performed within the limits of the chamfering inserts, .23” deep.

chamfering_insertUnique Chamfering Inserts:

The KOMT050104R Grade IN2005 chamfering inserts were designed for chamfering and counterboring on a wide range of materials with optimal chip formation. The insert has a sub-micron carbide substrate and is TiAlN coated, an excellent wear and heat resistant combination.

insert_tipNew Qwik•Twist Pocket Size:

In order to tap drill the popular Metric ISO M8 thread size, a new .268” pocket was designed. This pocket can carry a range of drill points from .268” to .291”.

Standard Qwik•Twist Replaceable Drill Points:

Standard Qwik•Twist replaceable drill points, general purpose geometry (YAB) or cast iron geometry (YBB) within the drill body ranges are used.


  • Can be used on a wide range of workpiece materials.
  • Can be used for blind, as well as through hole, applications.
  • No vibrations during chamfering due to a balanced drill construction.
  • Standard .06” x 45º hole chamfer
  • Provides diametric versatility – Qwik•Twist Tap drills are capable of using a range of replaceable points on each drill body. This provides a substantial advantage for users who change drills for the same tap operations. The user may use the same Qwik•Twist Tap drill for variable percent of thread requirements.

Machining Recommendations:

  • Machining recommendations used for the standard Qwik•Twist drills apply also for the Qwik•Twist Tap drill/chamfer combo drills for both drilling and chamfering – note that the same parameters may be used for chamfering.
  • For counterboring applications – reduce cutting parameters by 10%.
  • Before clamping a new drill point, apply oil to the Qwik•Twist pocket. This will reduce pocket wear and increase the number of point indexes.

Applications and Marketing:

  • Automotive industry tier suppliers are a very substantial potential target.
  • Shallow (up to .23”) counterbore screw head applications.
  • Can be used for rotating and stationary applications.
  • An excellent choice for applications requiring a 45º chamfer.
  • Replaces our special drills that were designed for tap drilling/chamfering applications, reducing cost and handling.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized distributor of Ingersoll products.  We ship to anywhere in the United States.

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