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Ingersoll SMax Micro End Mills & Face Mills

The introduction of Ingersoll Cutting Tool‘s Smax Micro family of cutting tools brings new application opportunities that were not possible with the existing Maxline insert sizes.  Smax Micro insert DFM213ROO1 provides the opportunity to use a 4 index insert combined with cut diameters as small as 1.00″ / 25MM. The smaller diameter range also couples well into the modular Top-On and Innofit adaption offering already established.  Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools is your one stop source for anything Ingersoll.  We ship to the entire United States and serve Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The DFM213ROOI insert has an overall length of8.5MM and is recommended for axial depths of cut up to 5MM. 

One of the primary strengths of the Smax Micro design is the rigid steel core of the tool that remains after pockets and chip gullets are placed. The vast majority of indexable cutters in the diameter range of 1.00″ – 1.50″ use 2 index conventional type inserts. Conventional inserts require deeper pocketing and chip gullet areas which penetrate deeply into the tool core.

All tools in the Smax Micro family generate a 90° shoulder on the milled work piece. However, tools in this family are not recommended for ramping applications.

Advantages: Smax Micro offers several performance advantages over the competition:

1. Economy.
Most competitor tools you will replace have inserts with 2 cutting edges. Use the 4 sided DFM213ROOl insert to show customers a reduction in price per cutting edge.

2. Edge Life.
Cutting edge life is enhanced due to a unique rake face geometry and specially developed flank clearance angle that strengthens the insert when positioned for small diameter cuts.
Smax Micro has been introduced with the latest Super Gen P coating and cutting edge preparation to further enhance tool life.

3. Adaption.
Use the Top-On and Innofit adaptions to expand the use of those unique connections already enjoyed by some customers.

4. Feedrate.
Due to the tangential insert mounting of Smax Micro our tools can have a high quantity of inserts in a small diameter. A 1.00″ diameter end mill for example has 3 effective inserts.

Cutter Body Specifications and Hardware: All below tooling uses insert DFM213ROOl and insert screw SM30-082-00 (EDP 7070040). No further hardware is required. Insert screws are used with a TX-09 driver bit (part no. DS-0022; EDP 7009052) and should be torqued to 13-18 inch/lbs.

Maintenance: Maintenance is very similar to any indexable mil1ing cutter.  Cleanliness is essential for proper function and seating of the insert in the cutter pocket. Wiping, brushing, or compressed air blasts are alJ proven methods of cleaning the inserts and cutter pockets.
Insert screws should be replaced periodicaJ1y. The exact timing depends on what type of cutting is done and how consistently the screws are torqued to the correct specification. Jfthe countersink under the head ofthe screw looks worn or smeared, or the screw seems to have less holding power than when new, it is time to replace it.

Operating Guidelines: The suggested operating parameters are shown below. Consider that not all machines, fixtures, extensions, and work pieces are created equal. The operational ranges have been established as starting points to get you in the ballpark as you begin to detennine the optimized cutting parameters.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor.

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Cutter Series Numbers

IS11V = Shank end mills, Top-On end caps, Innofit end caps
SJ5V = Fine pitch face mills
SJ6V = Medium pitch face mills


Grey cast and nodular iron, carbon and alloyed steels, hi-temp nickel alloys, titanium, stainless steel, tool steel, and aluminum

Diameter range

IS11V = 1.00″ – 1.50″
SJ5V = 1.50″ – 2.50″
SJ6V = 1.50″ – 2.50″


Weldon Shanks
Radial Flat Back Drive
Top-On 12 and 16MM
Innofit SK 40

Cutting edges per insert

4 (RH only)

Insert Grades

IN2005 (Introduction)
IN2030 and IN2015 (Future addition)

Insert comer radii



Positive Radial/Positive Axial

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