Ingersoll T-FORCE

Ingersoll’s new T-Force double sided H series chipbreaker.
For rough and finish machining.

Most cutting tool manufacturers design and produce single-sided ISO turning inserts in order to provide high levels of strength and toughness in heavy turning applications. Ingersoll has developed a new concept that utilizes the otherwise useless underside of these single-sided inserts for finish turning capacity. The result is the T-FORCE product line that combines a heavy roughing insert with a finishing insert.

The new concept of double-sided inserts utilizes our most aggressive chip breaker geometry types such as the HT, HY, and HZ for 80 degree CNMD and 90 degree SNMD inserts for heavy rough machining. Also new is the HD roughing chip breaker, which is designed to protect the insert with a smooth chip-breaking action when machining deeply stepped parts such as shafts. The underside of all these inserts contains a common style, finishing chip breaker that allows each insert to be used in the same holder, under different operating conditions, for final finishing passes on large work pieces.

This new product summarizes the Ingersoll spirit that never stops developing innovative new products to improve cost reduction solutions to its customers.


Insert Styles:

HD (new)

Compatible with all ISO standard turning holders

Feed Rates:
Upper Side: .014~.059 ipr
Under Side: .016~.032 ipr
Cutting Depths:
Upper Side: .160~.590 inches
Under Side: .120~.200 inches


TT8115 TT8125

Heavy duty machining applications
Ideal for large diameter shafts and vertical turret lathes.

• Utilizes both sides to improve economy & cost reduction
• Offers a variety of sizes and chip breakers to meet customers specific heavy rough machining requirements
• Economy is further improved by using one tool holder for rough to finish machining.


The upper-side of the double sided insert can be used in the same manner as a single-sided insert.
The under-side can then be used when finish machining is required.


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