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Ingersoll T-Tank ISO Turning Inserts

T-TANK ISO Turning Inserts

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Ingersoll is pleased to launch T-Tank, a series of smaller, but robust, ISO turning inserts to meet the manufacturing industry’s need to reduce machining costs and increase competitiveness.

Smaller inserts are nothing new in the ISO turning world. The difference is that T-Tank inserts retain the same or similar thickness of larger IC inserts. The result is a strong, compact insert with the durability of a larger insert. When combined with a new, multi-directional clamping system in the holder and insert screw hole, these inserts provide very stable, rigid clamping, making them an ideal option even in interrupted cuts. The result is excellent performance at a price 20%-25% lower than comparable ½” IC inserts.

T-Tank inserts feature 10 chip breakers in CNMG, DNMG, SNMG and TNMG shapes, and are available in 12 grades. This comprehensive offering of geometries and grades provides many options to improve chip-breaking, extend tool life and provide immediate cost savings in all materials.

20 – 25% less than comparable ½” IC Insert



  • 12 Grades for all Material Types
  • 10 Unique Chipbreakers & Flat Top
  • Coated Carbide and Uncoated Cermet


  • 12 External Holder Styles (3/4” – 1” shanks)
  • 6 Boring Bar Styles (5/8” – 1 ¼” shanks)
  • 5 Quick Change Styles (C4)


  • Cutting Depth Range: .005” – .177”
  • Feed Rate Range: .002 – .028 ipr

Current trends in manufacturing feature work piece components with reduced stock conditions due to improved casting and forging technology. In these cases, depths of cut in rough turning are predominantly in the range of .040”~.080” per side, rendering conventional ISO turning inserts with .500” long cutting edges inefficient due to their disproportionate size.

In the modern machining environment with high focus on cost reduction, Ingersoll is pleased to launch T-Tank, a series of smaller, but robust, ISO turning inserts to meet the manufacturing industry’s needs of reduced machining costs and increased competitiveness.

“Next generation clamping system”

Excellent insert rigidity! Strong clamping holder!



  • Exceptionally stable machining due to multi-directional clamping forces over the existing conventional ISO lever holder’s single direction clamping force
  • Excellent productivity and longer, stable tool life in high feed turning applications
  • Optimal performance in interrupted cutting on weak/old machine set-ups

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