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Ingersoll T-Tank WNMX

Ingersoll distributor Chicago, Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools

New WNMX inserts featuring improved stability.

Ingersoll is pleased to announce the latest addition to the dynamic T-Tank product line. The WNMX trigon-shaped inserts offer 6 cutting edges and are a perfect extension of the economical T-Tank family. All inserts feature a .187” thickness which is the same as comparable ½” I.C. inserts.

Each WNMX insert provides improved stability compared to existing WNMG inserts with the same I.C. This is achieved by increasing the surface contact area across the ground top & bottom surfaces, which prevents the inserts from moving during the cut. The result is longer & more consistent tool life, particularly in applications with interrupted cuts.

Strong clamping is another key feature of this T-Tank addition, with the H-Type “hook lever” style holders providing multidirectional clamping forces when secured to the holder. The combination of increased surface contact area and strong, hook lever clamping make T-Tank the ideal choice for high performance in an economically priced insert.


  • 6 cutting edges
  • Contact area increased 2x compared to WNMG inserts
  • 6 unique chip breakers
  • 14 grades (coated carbide, cermet & coated cermet) PV3010, CT300, TT7005, TT7015, TT8115, TT8125, TT8135, TT9215, TT9225, TT9235, TT5100, TT5080, TT8020 and TT9080
  • Nose radii: .016”, .031” & .047”
  • Inserts are compatible with T-Type and M-Type holders (although HType is recommended for maximum performance)
  • Maximum recommended DOC of .138”/side


  • Very stable clamping with H-Type holders
  • External: .625”, .750” & 1.00” shanks
  • Internal: .625”, .750”, 1.00” & 1.25” shanks (all coolant through)
  • Sandvik Coromant C4 Capto


WNMX Negative 80 degree trigon inserts

  • WNMX 331
  • WNMX 332
  • WNMX 333

General Cutting Tools is a complete Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor in Chicago.  For more information on the Ingersoll TTank or Ingersoll WNMX inserts, please contact us.


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