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Ingersoll GOLD-FLEX 4 Cutting Edges With Chip Former For Grooving, Parting and Turning

Ingersoll is pleased to officially introduce Gold-Flex, the new product line that features a 4-edged insert for multifunctional operations. Suitable for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining, Gold*Flex provides excellent performance, repeatability and economy.

Gold-Flex inserts contain a high positive chip former that enables machining in multiple applications while providing excellent chip control in plunging and lateral turning operations. The result is excellent surface finish as the chips are broken and moved away from the work piece.

The clamping system features a side torx screw and 3 contact points for stability and durability under demanding machining conditions. Insert indexing and changing is simple and accurate, and combined with the 4 cutting edge feature makes Gold-Flex a very economical and efficient tooling system. This unique clamping design also protects the cutting edges that are not in use. Thus, if one or more of the edges are broken the insert can simply be indexed to a new edge without adversely affecting the insert seating position.

Gold*Flex is available in widths from .020” to .125” (.5mm – 3.18mm). Lead angles and full radius inserts are also available as standard items. All inserts are available in grade TT9080, a versatile grade suitable for machining a wide variety of materials.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributor. We are based in Chicago serving Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana and ship nationwide as well as around the world. Contact us for more information.

For more information on this exciting new product please refer to the New Product Announcement HERE.

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