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M.A. Ford Twister XD Xtreme Drilling

M.A. Ford Distributor Chicago

M.A. Ford Twister XD Solid Stub 3X
M.A. Ford Twister XD Solid Regular 5X
M.A. Ford Twister XD Coolant Regular 5X
M.A. Ford Twister XD Coolant Long 7X+
M.A. Ford Twister XD Micro Coolant
M.A. Ford Twister XD Spot Drill
M.A. Ford Twister XD Speeds and Feeds
M.A. Ford Twister XD 2XDSS
M.A. Ford Twister XD 2XDSR
M.A. Ford Twister XD 2XDCR
M.A. Ford Twister XD 2XDCL
M.A. Ford Twister XD 2MDCL
M.A. Ford Twister XD 200S

Extreme High Performance Drilling with extended tool life in a broad range of materials.

This drill was developed by the same M.A. Ford engineering team that produced our highly successful TuffCut XR family of carbide end mills.

We believe the Twister XD will reinforce our commitment to provide our distributors and their end user customers with high performance cutting tool solutions.

The XD drill is the result of a lengthy research and development effort.

We have incorporated a new flute profile, a unique drill point, and the latest surface coating technology, to produce a drill that can be applied in a broad range of materials.

The XD has under gone extensive field-testing and we are convinced that it will significantly reduce manufacturer’s “cost per hole”



  • Advanced “Active Cut” Geometric Design
  • Refined Critical Cut Zone Characteristics
  • High-Efficiency Flute Profile
  • “State-of-the-Art” Proprietary Coating
  • Stable Low-Thrust Point Form
  • Coolant-Fed or Solid
  • Diameter Range – .5mm to 20.0mm, 1/64” to 3/4”
  • Stub (3x), Regular (5x), & Long Flute Lengths (7x+)
  • Engineered & Produced in the USA


  • Extended Tool Life
  • Elevated Metal Removal Rates (MRR)
  • Lower Cost Per Hole
  • Improved Hole/Part Quality
  • Increased Tool Reliability
  • Factory Trained Network of Application and Technical Specialists
  • Reconditioning Service
  • Ideal Platform for Modification or an Engineered Special Tool
  • Compatibility to a Wide Range of Standard Toolholder Systems

General Cutting Tools is a complete M.A. Ford cutting tools distributor.

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