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Morse variFLUTE NF Solid Carbide High Performance End Mills

Solid Carbide Variable Flute HPE High Performance End Mills for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials

Morse Cutting Tools distributor Chicago

The variable flute design reduces chatter and improves tool life. The high shear flute designed for rapid chip removal combined with an ultra high polish enable extremely high cutting rates and long tool life.

ZrN – Zirconium Nitride coating is a pale gold, hard, thin, high lubricity coating, particularly well suited to machining non-ferrous materials including aluminum, copper alloys and brass.

DLC (Diamond Like Coating), CrN (Chromium Nitrate), and other high performance coatings also available.

2 Flute mills have greater chip capacity and are recommended for slotting and roughing operations.

3 Flute mills offer greater feed rates than two flute mills while still offering high chip capacity. Recommended when the application includes profiling.

Corner Radius strengthens the end mill and improves wear characteristics. The small radius enables use in most applications where a square end mill might otherwise be used.


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