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Nachi Drills, Nachi Endmills and Nachi Taps in Chicago

Nachi Cutting Tools
Nachi Cutting Tools

Get the Nachi difference at your shop from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools in Chicago, Illinois shipping to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and across the United States.  Nachi is a pioneer of precision cutting tools in Japan and one of the leading manufacturers of tools world wide.  No manufacturer of cutting tools anywhere in the world exercises greater control over the quality of its products than Nachi.  Nachi quality starts with the material itself because the high speed steel, premiums cobalt high speed steel, powder high speed and cermet they use comes from their own mills.  The technology of the coating, such as Mixed Component multi-layer coating and Diamond coating (thin film diamond) has been developed specifically for their cutting tools.

Cutting tools are basic products for the machine industries.  Successful performance of machine tools cannot be expected without precise cutting tools and high quality.  Nachi pursues the highest quality 100% of the time.  Nachi is the first Japanese cutting tool manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious honor of the Deming Award for Quality.

When you purchase Nachi from General Cutting Tools, you are using products produced by one of the largest, most innovative manufacturers of industrial equipment in the world.  Established more than 75 years ago, the Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation has grown into a world class, worldwide leader in its industry.

Nachi Drills
Nachi Drills

After you use Nachi tools, they can be resharpened, reconditioned and recoated here in Chicago, Illinois by General Cutting Tools.  Our 7 axis CNC tool cutter grinders and master tool makers can regrind the tools to original, factory specifications.

Nachi SG drills, Nachi UG Power drills, Nachi AG (AG-SUS) Nachi AG-POWER drills, Nachi Aqua drills, Nachi Aqua Micro drills, Nachi Diamond coated carbide drills, Nachi high speed drills (HSS), Nachi high speed cobalt drills (HSCO, M42), Nachi carbide drills, Nachi DLC-HSS drills, Nachi DLC Microdrills, Nachi DLC Drills Regular, Nachi Straight Shank Jobbers drills, Nachi Straight Shank Cobalt drill, Nachi G Standard Drills (TiN coated), Nachi Screw Machine Length drills, Nachi Taper Length drills, Nachi Straight Shank Extra Length drills, Nachi Oil Hold drills (coolant drills), Nachi Taper Shank drills, Nachi Regular Shank drills, Nachi Silver and Deming (S&D) drills, Nachi Drill Sets, Nachi End Mills, Nachi 2 flute end mills, Nachi 4 flute end mills, Nachi HSS end mills, Nachi HSCO end mills, Nachi carbide end mills, Nachi multi-flute end mills, Nachi square end mills, Nachi ball end mills, Nachi radius end mills, Nachi GS end mills, Nachi GS-MILL, Nachi Mold Meister ball end mills, Nachi GS-MILL Hard end mills, Nachi X’s-MILL GEO end mills, Nachi X’s-MILL GEO radius end mills, Nachi X’s-GEO SLOT end mills, Nachi X’s-GEO KV end mills, Nachi DLC-MILL end mills, Nachi aluminum end mills, Nachi DLC-MILL SHARP CORNER end mills, Nachi DLC-MILL RADIUS end mills, Nachi DLC-HSS end mills, Nachi AG-MILL ROUGHING end mills, Nachi AG-HEAVY end mills, Nachi Genac end mills, Nachi SG end mills, Nachi roughing end mills, Nachi finishing end mills, Nachi hog end mills, Nachi extra long end mills, Nachi double end end mills, Nachi high performance drills, Nachi high performance end mills, Nachi high performance taps, Nachi DLC TAFLET thread forming taps, Nachi thread forming taps, Nachi form taps, Nachi plug taps, Nachi cut taps, Nachi SG taps, Nachi SG LO-SPIRAL taps, Nachi low spiral taps, Nachi slow spiral taps, Nachi taps, Nachi VIPER T SERIES taps, Nachi viper taps, Nachi T series taps, Nachi spiral point taps, Nachi taps for stainless steel, Nachi VIPER TAFLET taps, Nachi VTP Spiral fluted taps, Nachi spiral fluted taps, Nachi VTP Spiral pointed taps, Nachi spiral pointed taps, Nachi VTP Roll form taps, Nachi VTP metric taps, Nachi metric taps, Nachi SAE taps, Nachi standard taps, Nachi hand taps, Nachi spiral flute taps, Nachi oversize taps, Nachi pipe taps, Nachi taper pipe taps, Nachi straight pipe taps…all available for purchase and shipment to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa or anywhere in the US from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools.

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