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NEW Garr Tool 1580HD HP Drill Series

Cutting Tools Chicago also known as General Cutting Tools present a new series from Garr Tool. 1580HD is a high performance solid submicron grain carbide drill with a reinforced shank and Balinit HELICA coating. Balinit HELICA is a multi-layer AlCr-based coating designed exclusively for high performance drilling. This coating along with a 140° point angle and 30° helix angle for better chip evacuation, allows you to run up to 50% faster than standard carbide drills. Live tooling is recommended for use in lathe processes.

Garr Tool 1580HD is available in metric sizes only from 3.00mm (.1181 in) to 20.00mm (.7874 in).

Contact us at General Cutting Tools to get a sample tool to test in your shop. See the difference with Garr Tool. Cadillac quality at a Chevy price.

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