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New GS Drill from Sumitomo

Sumitomo has released their new GS drill series.  Using their newly developed, wear resistant PVD DEX coating and carbide substrate, the GS drill series is designed to allow for increased feed rates and running speed.  The DEX coating is comprised of alternating layers of AlCr and SiNi that will not only provide high heat resistance but also a high resistance to chipping.

The GS drill features a J-Flute design offering a wide chip pocket to accommodate chip evacuation when machining steels, stainless steels, cast irons, super alloys and non-ferrous materials.

Sumitomo GS Drill is available in external coolant and also coolant through configurations.  External coolant comes in either two times diameter or four times diameter.  Coolant through is offered in three times diameter, five times diameter and eight times diameter drilling depth.

Sumitomo GS Drill

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