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New Ingersoll Gold-Twist Replaceable Tip Drills

Ingersoll Cutting Tool Company is proud to announce the release of Gold-Twist: The Next Generation of Replaceable Tip Drills. This new design is a standard product line with tip diameters ranging from .3937” – .7834” (10mm ~ 19.9mm) in 0.004” (.1mm) increments and drill bodies available in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD length to diameter ratios.

The precision bodies have an improved pocket design and innovative clamping system that provide stable performance after multiple tip indexes. These drill bodies also feature twisted coolant holes, polished flutes, and a PVD-coating that allows smooth chip evacuation and prolonged body life. Each body accepts a range of tips that covers .040” (1mm).

The drill tips are offered in grade IN2505 which features a multi layered PVD coating that provides excellent performance, improved wear resistance and increased tool life in a large variety of applications. The initial cutting edge geometry is designed for Steel applications. Additional cutting edge geometries for Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Non-Ferrous materials will be available at a later date.

Ingersoll’s Gold-Twist Drilling Line is excellent in higher speed applications, providing guaranteed performance and excellent results in a unique, rigid and fast-indexing clamping system. The result is a product that combines cost efficiency and higher productivity in all your drilling applications.

Tip Geometry: TPA-Steel Geometry


  • 3xD
  • 5xD
  • 8xD

Grade: IN2505


  • Die & Mold
  • General Purpose
  • Aero Space
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heat Exchangers

ingersoll gold twist drill

The new Gold Twist pocket design’s contact/clamping area is three times deeper than our current Qwik Twist drill. The accuracy of the added cylinder to the clamping area improves rigidity and helps reduce internal stresses. The two precision ground positive stop locations improve the drilling tips’ position and support.

ingersoll gold-twist drill

General Cutting Tools is an authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools Distributor. For more information about Gold-Twist, Qwik-Twist or any other Ingersoll product, please contact us.


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