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Niagara Cutting Tools in Chicago from General Cutting Tools

Niagara End Mill
Niagara End Mill

Niagara Cutting Tools, a leader in cutting tool technology, available from General Cutting Tools in Chicago.  Niagara Cutting Tools along with General Cutting Tools is serving the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.  Together, they are here providing solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our customers.
High speed steel, cobalt or solid carbide, Niagara has what you need.  Elite series is designed for high performance milling of aluminum, steel, stainless, titanium and high temperature alloys.  Square end, ball end and roughing end end mills available in solid carbide.  High speed steel has many different options available.  Two flute, three flute, four or more flutes can be selected.  Single end, double end, short length, stub length, regular length, long length, extended length, roughing, finishing, almost too many to choose from.  A very nice feature Niagara has is they stock the tools already coated in TiN, TiCN, and TiAlN.
Niagara Cutting Tools along with General Cutting Tools gives you the lowest cost for production milling.  We offer the industries largest selection of standard, off the shelf, milling cutters in both arbor and shank mounted styles.  Whether you need to mill a slot, an angle, a radius, or even perform a cutoff operation (side milling cutters, saws, shell mills and form cutters), Niagara Cutter has just the right tools to give you the performance you demand at the price you need.  In addition to the various geometries that are available, we also have a wide selection of milling cutters made from Cobalt and Tungsten grade raw materials such as M42 cobalt and T15.  These materials are specifically designed to allow for the machining of exotic materials.
General Cutting Tools also has the capability to modify, resharpen and recondition any of the tools from Niagara Cutter.  Our master tool makers have decades of experience making tooling specifically for people.  From slight modifications to complete specials, General Cutting Tools can make it happen for you quickly and at a reasonable price.
Every tool can be supplied with our Microshield Coatings, designated as GP (TiN), HP (TiCN) and HM (TiAlN).  Our coatings are applied in computer controlled, state of the art Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) vessels.  With the correct coating selection for your application, you could extend your tool live by as much as 800% or more.  The lubricity of the coating can also retard chip welding and built up edges which can lead to premature tool failure.  The recommended coating is shown for each product family based on general applications.  If you have a special requirement or are unsure about which coating to choose, please CONTACT US.

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