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General Cutting Tools presents North American Tool’s “Special Taps, Dies and Gages” catalog features popular special and blueprint special taps, threading dies, thread gages and other threading tools in an easy to read format. Many of the items can be manufactured and shipped within 24 hours. The catalog features a comprehensive engineering section relative to taps and threading applications.

It provides a complete listing of Popular Special and Blueprint Special taps, as well as threading dies, and an expanded line of thread plug/thread ring gages. Also featured in the new catalog are “Tru-Flo”™ thread forming taps, solid carbide taps and “Carb-I-Sert”™ carbide insert taps, “Cost Cutter”™ combination drill and tap tools, stock TiN (titanium nitride) coated taps, metric taps, pipe taps, coolant-through taps, extension taps as well as tap extensions, acme taps buttress taps trapezoidal taps, PG Series conduit thread taps, DIN-dimensioned taps, STI (Screw Thread Insert) taps, oversize taps, left-hand taps, “Smart Cut”™ tapping/drilling fluid and other industrial cleaners, degreasers and rust preventatives. Contact: (847) 677-8770 or info@generalcuttingtools.com

Below is a link to where you’ll find an online catalog.

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For more information, or a quote, contact us at (847) 677-8770 or info@generalcuttingtools.com

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