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Norton Abrasives Chicago

Norton grinding wheels, Norton sanding belts, any Norton bonded or coated abrasive can be found at General Cutting Tools Chicago Illinois.  Norton is the world leader in the manufacturing of abrasive technologies.  All aspects of manufacturing use their product.  Norton has engineered their products to give you the best performance for your specific application and offers the most complete range of abrasive products for the industry.

Depressed center wheels, wire brushes, cutoff wheels, diamond blades, bench and pedestal wheels, snagging wheels, snagging cones, snagging plugs, mounted points, flap discs, fiber discs, AVOS discs, speed-lok TS discs, speed-lok TR discs, cloth PSA discs, paper discs, Norax discs, file belts, portable belts, narrow belts, wide belts, Norax belts, fastrack belt service, cloth sheets, paper sheets, sandpaper, abrasive sponges, sanding sponges, rolls, specialties, flap wheels, surface finishing products, sharpening stones, diamond lapping compound, vitrified wheels, tool room wheels, centerless grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding wheels, surface grinding products, diamond tools, diamond wheels, CBN wheels, flexible diamond product, dressing sticks, sawgumming and roll grinding — let us at General Cutting Tools help you choose the right product for your job.

We are located just out side of Chicago, Illinois; however, we can ship to  Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.  Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Fort Wayne, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Rockford, Aurora, Warren, Naperville; you guys have nothing to worry about.  Just give us a call.

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