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Onsrud MaxQ End Mill

Onsrud Cutting Tool Distributor in Chicago, Illinois.

Designed for Maximum Speeds and Feed Rates while extending tool life and minimizing edge wear.

Variable Index, Dual Helix
4 flutes and 5 flutes
Specially Designed for Maximum Speeds and Feed Rates

In aerospace engineering, the maximum dynamic pressure or MaxQ, is the point at which aerodynamic stress on a vehicle in atmospheric flight is maximized. It is an important factor as it determines the flight envelope (or productivity) of a vehicle.  The MaxQ end mills from LMT Onsrud will allow you to maximize your classic milling techniques in demanding applications across a broad range of materials. Providing the versatility for slot milling to high speed machining, MaxQ can achieve unmatched material removal rates. From pocketing to profiling MaxQ delivers the maximum in productivity. Onsrud MaxQ

  • Machines high strength alloys as easily as it machines steel
  • Broad technique range from slotting to profiling
  • Optimized 4 & 5 flute geometry for maximum feed rates
  • Full radial engagement up to 1 times diameter deep
  • ENDURASpeed coating for maximum heat resistance
  • Unmatched material removal rates

Versatility from slotting to profiling to pocketing.  The MaxQ Series can handle them all.

Unmatched material removal rates.  The MaxQ features re-imagined geometry that maximizes material removal rates.

ENDURASpeed coating provides maximum heat resistance.  Decrease edge wear and increase tool life with ENDURASpeed.Onsrud MaxQ

When faced with a new challenging material for an aerospace component, MaxQ maximized our return on investment with over 4 times the tool life.

General Cutting Tools is a complete Onsrud tool dealer.  Contact us for more information on the new Onsrud MaxQ or any other LMT Onsrud item.  Click here for the LMT Onsrud MaxQ Brochure.

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