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Quality Coated Abrasives from VSM

VSM along with General Cutting Tools are dedicated to providing customers in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and the rest of the US with superior products and solutions for their coated abrasive needs. Quality products are not just produced but are created by understanding the entire production process and how the coated abrasive product performs in an application.

VSM forms a versatile product line drawn from a proven formula that assures dependable performance. This proven formula includes a variety of minerals, backing and bonding systems.

Minerals perform the basic job of grinding, cutting, finishing, and polishing. VSM manufactures abrasives using four man-made minerals:

Aluminum oxide, Silicon carbide, Zirconia alumina and Ceramic alumina.

VSM abrasive minerals
VSM abrasive minerals

Backings are the platforms that carry and support the mineral grains. VSM uses four types of backings: Paper, Cloth, Vulcanized Fiber and Combination.

The paper backings are further divided into weights designated A, B, C, D, E and F. Cloth backings are designated by their flexibility, identified as E, F, J, T, X and Y. Mechanical flexing the coated abrasives creates this range of flexibility.

flexTypes of flexes employed by VSM (in order of stiffest to most flexible) include: Single Flex, Double Flex, and Full Flex. This flexing procedure creates a controlled cracking in the bond system that ensures consistent flex characteristics and enhances stock removal through better grain regeneration.

The flex of a coated abrasive product is inversely related to the life of the product.

As a rule, use the stiffest product possible for an application.

There are two layers of resins, which create the bonding system for coated abrasives. The first layer of resin is called the make coat, which anchors the grains to the backing. The second layer of resin is the size coat, applied over the grains, which further anchors and stabilizes the grains. VSM manufactures coated abrasives exclusively with resin over resin bonding systems. With state­of-the art production facilities, VSM has formulated the raw materials utilized for resins into a winning combination of long-life and flexibility for the entire line of products.


Abrasive minerals can be applied to backing in several ways. The gravity coating process, the abrasive grains are dropped from an overhead hopper onto the adhesive coated backing.

In the electrostatic coating process, the adhesive coated backing and the abrasive grains pass through an electrically charged field. This electrically charged field propels the abrasives grains upward toward the backing traveling upside down above the grains. These grains are imbedded in the adhesive with the sharpest edge of the abrasive grains exposed, ensuring uniform cutting characteristics.

With these coating processes, the grain coverage can be modified to produce, either open coat or closed coat products. Traditionally, any product with grain coverage of approximately 60% was considered open coat. A closed coat product would have 100% grain coverage of the backing. Today, coating densities vary from 30% to 100% coverage of the backing.

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