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Rabbet Bit with Miniature Ball Bearing Guide

Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with Amana Tool is introducing a new miniature rabbet with ball bearing guide.  Each Amana Tool exclusive miniature bit features a 3/16” diameter ball bearing guide that is much smaller than other ball bearing router bits on the market, making the bits ideal for delicate projects such as sign-making, building musical instruments, routing letter edges, flush trimming tight corners and high production projects.

Amana miniature rabbet bitAmana miniature rabbit bit

The miniature bearing router bits can be used on wood and plastics and come in a variety of profiles including round over, chamfer, flush, bevel trim and rabbet.
Amana Tool’s miniature bearing router bits are uniquely designed with a ball bearing at the bottom end of the bit, eliminating burnout caused by brass pin-piloted bits. The cutting edge of each router bit is engineered from an Amana-exclusive carbide grade designed to deliver the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency prolonged tool life. The bits can fit into tight spaces and sharp corners where a larger diameter bearing cannot, making it easier for users to work on finely detailed work pieces that have intricate contours, tight confines and narrow openings. The series’ innovative design also delivers a consistent edge that eliminates hand sanding or filing, thus saving users time and labor.

General Cutting Tools is a complete line distributor of Amana Tool products.

We ship to anywhere in the United States as well as serve Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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