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Router Bit Sharpening

Do you have a router bit that is in need of sharpening?  Can it be saved, or do you need to buy a new bit?  The answer is YES!!  Damaged or chipped cutting edges can be sharpened.  Severely damaged router bits can be brought back to life, however, on rare occasions, they can not.
The sharp cutting edges on your router bits need sharpening after a while, just as any blade does.  If the router bits are not sharpened, it will become harder and harder to cut wood, increase tearout, and the bits will eventually need replacing.
When using a hand tool, it is easy to tell when it becomes worn and dull, but when it’s the power company that is doing most of the work, it is easy to forget what makes cutting tools cut.  Sharp router bits can greatly reduce tearout even on hard, brittle wood like oak.
The best thing for your router bits and to get the most life out of them is to take it out and have it sharpened when it begins to get dull.  This will mean the least amount of work will be necessary to sharpen the router bit and it will serve you for longer because you will be able to have it sharpened over and over again.  Sharpening will always cost less than replacing a bit when it dies before its time.

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