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Sharpening Saw Blades

Sharpening circular saw blades Chicago

Can circular saw blades be sharpened?  Yes!!  When your saw blade becomes dull, it will give you a rougher finish as well as your saw’s motor will have to work harder and may burn out sooner.  Sharpening your saw blades can be done at a fraction of purchasing a new blade.
Nearly all circular saw blades today have carbide cutting teeth brazed (or welded) onto steel plates.  Carbide is extremely hard which holds it edge for a very long time.  The problem with carbide-tipped saw blades is that they require diamond grinding wheels in order to sharpen.  Also, sharpening carbide tipped saw blades is so complicated that you can easily destroy the blade.

Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools is your solution.

General Cutting Tools can sharpen your saw blades to like-new condition for a fraction of new blade cost.  Broken or missing tooth (teeth), no problem.  We can replace broken and/or chipped saw teeth.

We sharpen ALL saw types:

  • Rip saw blade sharpening
  • Glue line rip saw blade sharpening
  • Melamine saw blade & double sided melamine saw blade sharpening
  • Thin kerf saw blade sharpening
  • Cut-off saw blade sharpening
  • Hollow face saw blade sharpening
  • Miter saw blade sharpening
  • Solid surface blade sharpening
  • Non-Ferrous saw blade sharpening
  • Combination (Combo) saw blade sharpening
  • General purpose saw blade sharpening
  • Panel saw blade sharpening
  • Scoring blade sharpening
  • Split scoring blade sharpening
  • Conical scoring blade sharpening
  • Dado set sharpening
  • Ferrous saw blade sharpening
  • Specialty saw sharpening

We sharpen ALL tooth configurations:

  • ATB – Alternate Top Bevel
  • ATB+R – Alternate Top Bevel plus Raker
  • Hi-ATB – High Alternate Top Bevel
  • TCG – Triple Chip Grind
  • MTCG or M-TCG – Modified Triple Chip Grind
  • Hollow Ground

There are also some blades that can’t be sharpened.  They are damaged beyond repair, worn past their usable life, or just so cheap that they are not worth sharpening.

General Cutting Tools has been in business over 35 years, serving our customers with sharpening service and new blade sales.  Contact us for more information.

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