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Solid Carbide Taps and Carbide-Insert Taps

Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools along with North American Tool Corporation offer a complete line of Solid Carbide Taps and Carbide-Insert Taps.

These carbide taps can be manufactured with special design criteria to better suit customer-specific applications.  North American Tool tool designers provide value-added solutions to meet the most challenging tapping requirements. Special carbide taps are available as:  • 60° Thread Forms  • Pipe Threads  • Form Taps  • S.T.I. (Screw Thread Insert) Taps

These precision, high performance taps are also available in popular decimal-inch sizes, pipe tap sizes, and metric sizes.  Carbide taps offer enhanced strength and rigidity in high speed tapping applications.  Carb-I-Sert™ carbide-insert taps are also available, and are an economical way to utilize the benefits of carbide with solid carbide cutting inserts brazed to a high-speed steel tap body.

The superior strength of micro-grain carbide offers excellent cutting edge wear resistance, and is ideal for high production runs allowing greater tapped part throughput.

Depending on the specific application, carbide taps can be specified with surface treatments to further enhance tool life and performance.

Ask for a copy of the carbide taps technical flier today.

North American Tool Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of cutting tools, and is an industry leader in rapid shipment of special taps.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized source for North American Tool.

For more information, or a quote, contact us at (847) 677-8770 or info@generalcuttingtools.com

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