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Special Cutting Tools

Special CNC Ground End Mill
Special CNC Ground End Mill

Chicago Cutting Tools aka General Cutting Tools is your premier source of special cutting tools.  Special cutting tools can be made to a specific cutting diameter, have a corner radius, special cutting helix, special cylindrical land, special flute shape, form relieved geometry, form ground flutes, special chamfer, special tip angle, modified shank, reduced shank, single flute, multi flute, roughing, general purpose, finishing, high speed steel (HSS), high speed cobalt (HSCO, M42), carbide tipped, and solid carbide.  We make: porting tools, end mills, milling cutters, step tools, reamers, gages, keyway cutters, indexable inserts, resharpening and reconditioning of tools also.  Seven-axis CNC tool cutter grinders insure you get exactally the same tool every time regardless of the amount of time between orders.

We make specialty cutters designed for cutting: aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel (4140, 4150, 4340, 52100, 6150, 8620), tool steel (A2, A6, A9, A11, D2, H13, L6, M1, M2, M3, M4, M7, M35, M42, M62, P20, T4, T8, 01, 06,S5, S7), high speed steel, super high speed (Rex 20, Rex 45, Rex 54, T15, Rex 76, and Rex 121), cast iron, titanium, powdered metals (CPM 1V, CPM 3V, CPM 9V, CPM 10V, CPM 15V, A11, M4, T15), high vanadium (CPM M4, CPM Rex 54, CPM T15, CPM Rex 76, and CPM Rex 121), alloys, super alloys, nickel based super alloys, high temperature alloys (Haynes, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, Super Invar, Mu Metal, Rene, Hastelloy, Haynes, Kovar, Multimet,  Maraging, Nickel, Waspaloy, Monel, Permendur, Hiperco, Nitronic), and Stainless Steel(414, 416, 420, 440, 440C, and 17Cr-4Ni), Brass (soft, half hard, full hard).

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