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Standard Abrasives PSA Paper Disc Roll

A new PSA Paper Disc Roll is the latest addition to the Standard Abrasives brand of coated abrasives specialties available from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools.

The coated abrasive features quality Aluminum Oxide mineral on a strong C-weight paper. The new PSA Disc Roll offers durability, reduced finishing defects, and a consistent finish on substrates.

The PSA Disc Rolls’ easy-access roll form and excellent performance, combined with an attractive price, make the switch to the Standard Abrasives brand the right choice for productivity and savings.Standard Abrasives PSA disc

The Standard Abrasives PSA Paper Disc Roll is ideal for the most basic to the toughest applications. Ideal for lighter-duty blending, finishing and polishing on contoured surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Rely on the quality, service and performance from Standard Abrasives – a trusted brand for more of your metalworking needs.



Strong paper backing Greater tear resistance

Longer disc life

Increased cut

Special pressure-sensitive adhesive Easy on / easy off

Less adhesive residue

Resistant Coating Reduces disc loading
Aluminum Oxide mineral Durability

Consistent cut

Consistent finish

Flexible Perfect for all contour applications
Easy on / Easy off Less adhesive residue
Popular grade range P80-P220, P320, P400
Convenient form Easy access

5″ x NH Disc

100 discs per roll

4 rolls per case

If you’re currently using another brand of coated abrasives, turn to Standard Abrasives to experience its quality, service and selection. Ask for a demonstration and samples to measure for yourself the value of the Standard Abrasives brand.

General Cutting Tools is an authorized distributor of Standard Abrasives. Contact us for a quote.

(847) 677-8770

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