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Sumitomo Carbide AC800P Series Carbide Inserts

Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. welcomes a new addition to the steel and stainless steel turning lineup with the grade AC810P. The AC810P joins the dynamic duo of AC820P and AC830P to complete the trio of grades that EAT STEEL FOR BREAKFAST!

ISO classified as a P10 grade, the AC810P performs exceptionally in steel and stainless steel finishing. Its hard carbide substrate and extremely wear resistant Super FF coating make the AC810P the best option when competing at high speeds. The Super FF (Fine and Flat) CVD coated grade contains ultra-thick coating layers of TiCN for wear and chipping resistance, and Al2O3 layers for excellent wear and heat resistance which drastically improve tool life.

Sumitomo AC800P
Sumitomo AC800P

Along with the grade AC810P, Sumitomo introduces the high-efficiency chipbreakers ESE, ESEW and EME. The ESE is a finishing chipbreaker with a recommended depth of cut up to 0.080″ and a feed rate up to 0.018 IPR. The wiper version of the chipbreaker (ESEW) can achieve the same depth of cut, but due to the wiper, the ESEW can attain a 0.028 IPR feed rate. On the roughing side, Sumitomo introduces the EME chipbreaker – a strong-edged insert with a depth of cut range up to 0.240″ and a feed rate up to 0.028 IPR. These additions are not exclusive to the AC810P, but are also available in the AC820P and AC830P product offerings.

Click on the above insert (or click here) to find our AC800P Series brochure that provides features and benefits, along with geometry availability and recommended running parameters. When you are turning steels and stainless steels, look no further than the AC800P series of grades.

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