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Universal Grinding with VSM Abrasives

Gringing just got a whole lot easier with VSM’s introduction of SK875X abrasive line from Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools located in Illinois.  The VSM SK875X is a universal product due to its robust polyester backing and special coating density. It is per­fectly suited for use with either off-hand or power assist machines. Cutting Tools Chicago selling VSM abrasivesThe SK875X can be used for cutting down weld seams, the removal of gates and parting lines from castings and many other demanding applications. It is also suited for grinding flat surfaces or edges and even slightly profiled parts. The product’s cool-cutting grinding aid is particularly useful when grinding temperature sensitive alloys.

Quick stock removal

–          due to the continuous regeneration of new cutting points on the ceramic grain

No discoloring of the workpiece

–          directly related to optimum grain orientation

–          additives in the size coat that enhance the cool cutting of the workpiece

Long service life

–          due to self-sharpening characteristics of VSM Ceramic Grain

–          excellent adhesion of the grain to the robust backing

Excellent price-performance ratio

–          provides longer life than conventional abrasives

–          fewer belt changeovers for the operator resulting in less downtime and more production output

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