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VSM Abrasives in Chicago, Illinois

Bonded and coated abrasives from VSM can be found at General Cutting Tools in Chicago, Illinois with shipping to Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the rest of the states.  For over 130 years, VSM has established itself as a leader in the coated abrasives industry. With an expansive Technical Services team and Research and Development department constantly working on new and innovative products, VSM focus­es on being a pioneer in abrasive technology.vsm abrasives from General Cutting Tools

Developing Partners

The concept of service takes center stage at VSM! Working closely with customers to understand their unique processes allows VSM to evaluate more accurately which abrasive product would be best suited to a specific application. Through this close working relation­ship VSM is able to help customers improve productivity and decrease manufacturing costs. VSM’s intent is to develop a close working partnership with each VSM’s highly trained technical experts are glad to assist with any application concerns or ques­tions. They are recognized as one of the most highly trained and knowledgeable technical groups in the coated abrasive industry. Along with VSM local sales personnel and distributors, they develop a strong understanding of their cus­tomer’s processes and product needs. This in-depth understanding allows them to choose the best product for your process.

Providing Support

The following pages were designed to provide VSM’s customers with guidelines in determining the best VSM product available for a specific metal application. Please note however, that before purchasing a specific product for an appli­cation, a test should be conducted by VSM’s trained application experts.

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