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VSM Sandpaper & Sanding Discs

Flexible self-sharpening High-Tech product VSM KK772J Compactgrain is the newest abrasive available from VSM and Cutting Tools Chicago aka General Cutting Tools to the industry and public. The NEW VSM KK772J Compactgrain is a long life abrasive with consistent grinding performance, consistent surface finish and surface brightness throughout its long life. It is perfectly suited for grinding semi-profiled and flat parts and designed for polishing e.g. turbine blades and vanes, surgical instruments, implants, large containers, etc. The flexible J-polyester backing can be used wet or dry.

Aggressive cutting performance = quick stock removal = faster work

  • thanks to the NEW specially treated granulate and continuous creation of new cutting edges.

Cool grinding = no discoloring of the workpiece

  • due to the innovative grinding additive technique in the product construction suitable for wet applications because of polyester backing.

Close fit to workpiece geometry = profiled and flat workpieces possible due to the very good adaptability of the flexible VSM treated polyester cloth backing to the workpiece geometry.

Exceptional long life = less frequent changing of the abrasive belts excellent granulate adhesion, due to VSM’s coating know-how and – high grain content granulate giving unique long life properties.

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