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VSM’s Combikorn Construction Technology

Combikorn Technology is a special coating process developed by VSM‘s Research and Development staff and is now available from General Cutting Tools. The unique process provides the ceramic cutting grain with a firm support structure allowing for easy grain regeneration during the application process.VSM abrasives available from General Cutting Tools

Higher Cut Rate

VSM’s Ceramic grain is a self-sharp­ening grain engineered to provide a more aggressive cut and pro­duce higher rates of stock removal than conven­tional grains.

Long-Lasting Grain Saves Money

VSM’s Ceramic Grain product has the reputation of being the tough­est, longest-lasting metal removal product on the market today. Compared to other conventional grain products that immediately begin to lose aggressiveness once grinding begins, the ceramic abrasive maintains its cut rate without need­ing significant additional pressures (see chart). This constant cut rate reduces grinding time, resulting in less operator fatigue, while increasing productivity and reducing abrasive costs.

Products Available

VSM’s ceramic products are avail­able in a variety of backings from flexible to extremely durable. This backing range allows customers to use VSM products in a variety of applications, from robotic applica­tions to the most severe plunge grinding applications.

Standard Products

VSM offers standard products available for grinding metals like hardened steels, car­bon steels, and forgings and castings where heat sensi­tivity is not a factor.

Top-Sized Products

VSM’s top-sized products incorpo­rate a self-lubricating grinding layer, which helps to reduce heat during the grinding process. This added layer allows the grain to continue cutting at its optimum level.

Resin Fiber Disc Products

Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs in both standard and top-sized products are available in 4-1/2″, 5”, 7” and 9-1/4″ diameters.

For more information on Ceramic Grain or other VSM coated abrasive products contact General Cutting Tools.

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