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Widia Premium HighFEED Face Mill

To further strengthen the most successful and competitive face milling platform today – M1200 – the new M1200HF delivers outstanding performance in HighFEED face milling applications and becomes a real productivity boosting package made available in Chicago from Widia and General Cutting Tools aka Cutting Tools Chicago.

Great news from the M1200 family, as this brand new product expansion offers tremendous additional value to our customers.

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The M1200HF has all the strong features from M1200 and is the only HighFEED concept for face milling in the market with 12 effective cutting edges per insert.

The M1200HF premium platform is using standard M1200 inserts (all styles and geometries except Wiper inserts) which makes it really easy to upgrade existing applications to HighFEED strategies.

Max. axial depth of cut Ap1 = .08”

Max. feed rate fz = .1”


Target Application

First choice for face milling operations adressed with HighFeed cutting conditions – no pocketing/shoulder milling recommended

Material focus: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Titanium

Unsurpassed performance booster in HighFEED face milling of Titanium

First choice selection for long-reach face milling applications or light fixtures, due to less radial cutting force impact.

Widia cutting tools is available from General Cutting Tools aka Cutting Tools Chicago.  We ship to Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the rest of the US.  Contact us for a free quote.

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