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YG1 I-Dream Drill Inserts

YG1 tool distributor Chicago

YG1 High Performance i-Dream drilling system

YG1 i-Dream Drilling inserts feature secure and accurate seating resulting in accurate repeatability and concentricity.

i-Dream general drilling inserts feature TiALN coating and is for use in most steels.
i-Dream INOX drilling inserts feature:
TiCN coating
For tough, ductile materials and stainless steels
Light, sharp cutting edge
Minimize cutting forces
Reduce built up edge

YG1 i-Dream drill inserts have a diameter range of 12mm to 31.75mm (.4724 to 1.2500)

General Cutting Tools is your complete source for YG1 cutting tools.  For more information on the YG1 i-Dream drilling system or any other YG1 tool, please contact us.



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